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Femme Parler Podcast

My own crisis has allowed me to see that I am not the only person experiencing a crossroad in life.  Relationships are not a cake walk. It is dishonest to put that image out there. And when you face challenges, the last thing that you want to do is face them alone. You may feel as though you are the only one experiencing this low point in your life. But you are not. The ride can and will get a little (or maybe very) bumpy but the flight is full and you are never alone. We are all going through, have gone through, or will go through turbulence.  Femme Parler Podcast is here for you. We would like to help aid in being calm through your storm.

Jul 19, 2022

In this episode, Sherley speaks with Confidence Business Coach, Author, and International Public Speaker, Martha Mok. Martha has had a very colourful life and takes us through much of it, including her emotionally and financially abusive marriage. Martha wasn’t always known as the Founder of Super Confidence Coach. It took work to get here and in this episode, Martha walks us through how she did it, how she got to the place of empowering herself and others to fulfil their full potential. Through bullying, molestation, and abuse, Martha rose through all of this and allowed herself to try to break out in life. By trusting yourself and allowing yourself to try, you can accomplish so much more than you think. It’s okay to make mistakes on your journey, it’s okay to learn. By allowing yourself the space to learn and grow, you allow yourself more opportunity for success. If you are looking to be inspired, listen to Martha’s story, which might very well make it into your rotation of podcast episodes you play on repeat because it’s just that good.

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